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How Matt Forte Is Going To Save Your Fantasy Team.

By: Dw Pawson
Published: [2017-09-06 00:11:00]

The Rundown.

Depending on how deep your fantasy draft was, chances are Matt Forte went undrafted. Chances are Kevin White went undrafted too, but that's a different story for a different day. Bilal Powell is unquestionably the starter, in week 1, for the New York Jets and by almost all measures, he deserves it. So how, then, is Forte going to save your Fantasy season? Simple, he's going to be packing his bags and moving on, to a team in desperate need of a starter. Matt Forte is due $4 million this season and without a doubt, he does not fit into the Jets 2017 budgeting concerns, not to mention that the Jets are trying their hardest not to win a single game in 2017. The Jets are on the rebuild and Forte still has some juice left to be squeezed. What kind of juice? Oh, just 7 TD's last season, good for the 2nd best total of his career, 15th among all RB's for 2016 and tied with Le'Veon Bell (google it). He put up more TD's than Todd Gurley, Jordan Howard, Mark Ingram and Lamar Miller, all of whom were definitely drafted well ahead of him, some maybe as high as the 1st round. Now obviously, his 7 TD's can't be expected while playing second fiddle to Powell, so look for him to get traded, while he has (some) value, to a team in need of a healthy starting RB. But also, let's keep the option open that he'll get flat out cut, from New York. In this case, I'd expect his phone to ring within hours of the news hitting the wire.

Where Does He Fit In ?

All this said, I don't expect much from Forte for the first 2 weeks. But, get him now. Stash him. Certainly he's a better option than that late round pick of CJ Prosise, Latavius Murray or Paul Perkins that you probably pulled the trigger on. When he gets on and settled, it's not crazy to imagine him having a breakout fantasy week, with 100+ YDS and 2 TD's. Really, it's not that crazy, especially if he goes to a contender with an average O-Line. He was putting up these numbers last year, albeit in limited sample sizes, until he got sidelined by a knee injury, very late in the season. But hey, 7 TD's is 7 TD's. It all counts in Fantasy.

Fantasy Is Great, But What Does This Mean For His Card Values ?

Currently, there are 59 Matt Forte Rookie Year cards available, under $1, over at Numbered (#/d) cards start at about 65 cents and a decent looking S/N Auto with a piece of a JSY and a piece of a football, starts at $7. All of these cards are ripe for flipping. Buy them now, wait 3 weeks, then start flipping at a $1 a piece, when he signs on with a new fan base. If you're sitting on some Forte base rc's, slabbed gems or otherwise desirable cards, start dusting them off now and get ready for your turn in the catbird seat.

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