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It All Starts With The Undertaker.

By: Dw Pawson
Published: [2016-11-27 01:45:00]

It's never too early to start speculating about Wrestlemania. Even though we're still a good 2 months away from the Royal Rumble and the Road To Wrestlemania, some storylines are starting to take shape. Use the search tag "WM33Storylines" to follow this series, between now and Wrestlemania 33. For this installment, I'm only concentrating on one of those potential matches.

If you've been a wrestling fan for a while, then Wrestlemania means one thing: The Undertaker. You've followed The Streak, even before if officially became a streak. You've seen some terrible opponents along the way, like a past-his-prime Jimmy Snuka, a cartoonish Giant Gonzalez or a needless handicap match against Big Show and A-Train, because Taker's partner, Nathan Jones, couldn't be trusted to put on an entire match. Well, wrestling fans, this year isn't one of those. This year, Undertaker returns to Wrestlemania glory against...wait for it....John Cena. If the sounds of a sad trumpet just played in your head, then stick around for a bit and let me try to convince you that this match will be great!

First of all, we'll have to address the underwhelmingly small elephant in the room, WWE is pushing John Cena's 16th World Championship victory, hard. We also know that WWE likes to save big moments like these, for Wresltmania. As we get closer to the Biggest Show of the Year, I'd expect WWE to keep mentioning it more and more on TV and when Cena comes back from hiatus, I'd even expect him to talk about it during an in-ring promo segment. After all, this is the event that defines Cena's third act. This is how he rides off into the sunset. First, he ties Ric Flair's 16 time World Championship reign, then he eclipses Flair, with a 17th win, firmly entrenching him as the greatest WWE superstar of all time.

So, what's this got to do with the Undertaker? Well, rumor has it that because Taker is back full-time on Smackdown, that he'll actually have a match at Royal Rumble 2017. And who is his oppnent rumored to be? That's right, AJ Styles, the current WWE World Champion. This means (if you're connecting the dots at home) that it's very possible that the Undertaker could be leaving Royal Rumble 2017 as the *NEW* WWE World Champion. If all this happens, and everything goes according to plan (my plan), then I would expect Taker to follow up his match at the Royal Rumble with a quick in-ring promo stating something a long the lines of , "Belts don't matter, legacy matters. How can I look back and call myself the greatest, if I've never faced the greatest on the grandest stage of them all. So, John Cena, I'll give you your title shot, but on one condition (Undertaker always has conditions)...if I beat you, you have to retire from the WWE."

Boom, there it is. All kinds of WWE goodness, rolled into one awesome Wrestlemania Main Event...oh by the way, this WILL be the main event. An Undertaker title run collides with John Cena's quest for his 16th title reign, all wrapped up in a classic Wrestlemania retirement match.

But who wins, you ask? Oh, that's the best part, John Cena wins. The Undertaker retires, and presumably will headline the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame class, while John Cena carries on for the next several years as Wrestlemania's biggest attraction.

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